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It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely death of our son, grandson and brother Tyler Scott Shwaluk, age 20. Tyler was born August 4, 1994 in Red Deer, Alberta. Tyler leaves behind his parents, Kim Shwaluk and Daryl Johnson and sister Cody Jayne. Tyler graduated from Major Pratt School in 2012 and choose a career in the oilfield. Tyler loved his job and took pride in his work and the independence it brought him. A celebration of life service was held at the George P. Buleziuk center on August 28, 2014 in Russell, Manitoba followed by an interment at Russell Cemetery. Honorary Pallbearers were Lane Boucher, Daniel Dunn, Jordan Cullum, Nolan Frieze, Kody Judd and Jeremy Yagelniski.

Tyler's generous spirit continues to follow him with his many donor gifts of life. A Tree of Life service was held in Winnipeg on June 22, 2015 to commemorate the many organ donors this past year including Tyler. His mom Kim, grandmother Florence and aunt Lori were in attendance where they were presented with a token in recognition of Tyler's gifts.

The Tyler Shwaluk Memorial Oilfield Scholarship Fund was set up by his father Daryl and will continue to provide assistance to high school graduates wishing to pursue a career in the energy sector. Tyler's sister Cody presented the first scholarship award this year at the Major Pratt graduation June 22, 2015.

The scholarship has been established through the Living Legacy Community Foundation. Donations can be made by cheque payable to: Living Legacy Community Fund. Mail to: Living Legacy Attn: Sandie Ross Box 1343 Russell, MB R0J 1W0.

EULOGY written and read by Lane Boucher

When a person passes away from old age, friends and family make sure to focus on the life he or she lived. Unfortunately, when a person passes away young, those around that person tend to focus more on the death and forget that there was a life lived. I think that's unfair and today I want to celebrate the life of Tyler.

I've spent all my life growing up with Tyler and am honoured to do this for him, his family and everyone here today. I apologize if I ramble at any point; I became so overwhelmed by over a decade of memories with Tyler that it was difficult to organize everything into one speech. To do so was like trying to summarize my entire childhood and early adulthood into a few pages. I'm sure everyone here has countless stories about Tyler as well and I'm sorry I couldn't include them all in here, but it's all of your stories and memories that will help to keep Tyler alive in our hearts for years to come. I've been sitting around over the last week reminiscing with everyone about our lives thus far and it was rare to remember a time when Tyler wasn't there - smiling, laughing, and making our lives just that much better.

I wasn't quite privileged enough to know Tyler right from Kindergarten, but I'll always remember the day he walked into our classroom in grade two. He had blonde streaks in his hair and I thought he was the coolest guy around. I always wanted to pull off the frosted tip look but unfortunately couldn't because of my fiery red hair. Tyler was timid at first, as he didn't know us yet, but little did we know he would become a friend who would always have his presence felt. for example, I'm sure a few of you can remember his unique pronunciations for words. We bugged him about saying "fumbs" for "thumbs", "hopstital" for "hospital", "dithernt" for "different" and "conoya oyo" for "canola oil". I don't know why canola oil ever came up in conversation, but it sure gave us a laugh. Little things like this made for hours of laughter and would prepare us for Tyler's uniqueness - something that would never grow old.

As we left early years and somewhat matured, our parents allowed us to go off on our own. Every night of the week Tyler, Jordan, Nolan and many more of us would meet at the statue around 6:30 on our bikes. Daniel's parents would often drop him off somewhere in town to come meet us as well. The mischief we caused around town, the roofs we climbed and the slushies we drank are vivid in my memory and Tyler was there for every adventure. Jordan was usually the organizer behind our nightly excursions, and I can remember Tyler and Nolan joking about Jordan becoming our full time secretary later in life. As we've grown up, we haven't forgotten our nightly meet-ups. As time has gone on, our lives have taken us to different places. This distance hasn't kept us from seeing each other whenever we're all home and even though the meet-ups have become less frequent, they haven't lost any value.

On one occasion, at the age of 15 before we were licensed drivers, Jordan and Tyler decided that our usual mode of transportation - pedal bikes - would not do in the rain. Jordan took matters into his own hands and picked up Tyler in the van Linda was trying to sell. As I'm sure most of you know, Jordan's driving skills weren't quite road-ready. Tyler, being Jordan's passenger, didn't feel the need to stick around for the aftermath, because he had actual math homework at home. Tyler's math skills were something of which we were all envious. Math never really clicked with me, but he was there throughout our school years to explain various levels of algebra and the finer points of trigonometry.

Math wasn't his only interest; he dabbled in the world of sports when we were younger. He had the height for the volleyball net, but the coordination just wasn't quite there. He should have been a conductor with the way his hands gracefully set the ball. His baseball career was marked by a highlight reel moment in the outfield. He leapt through the air like a gazelle; eyes closed, limbs flying, glove up, and hoping for the best. Lo and behold, there was the ball, sitting in his glove. Jaws were wide open, and nobody in the stands could believe their eyes. It was a scene fit for a movie. Big theatrical moments like this were a part of Tyler's character.

Tyler and I started snowboarding around the same time. We did our best to teach the other but there were countless crashes into each other, falls onto ice and even the odd broken bone. Our mutual love for snowboarding took us on an unforgettable trip to Banff when we were in grade 11. I remember we had a two-four of iced tea finished by about Regina, so that made the trip interesting to say the least. To this day, that has been my only trip out to the mountains so every memory of mine relating to the Rockies has Tyler in it. We were partying in our condo as Bill our chaperone was sound asleep. We decided to get rowdy on the balcony and shout down to passersby. I yelled "what's up girl, we're 16 how old are you?" Tyler asked "how you doin", to which she replied, "Hi, I'm Linda from security. We've had a noise complaint." Needless to say, she didn't come up to our room. The rest of the trip was filled with all sorts of laughs.

The stories that begin with a night of partying at Tyler's house on Assiniboine are infinite. Thinking back now, I can picture Tyler being there for the first time I had a few too many beers. And, it goes without saying, hundreds of other beers throughout our lives. I don't think we can thank Kim enough for allowing us to party there nearly every weekend for a good chunk of our high school years. Not to say we just partied there, Tylers' house was also our go-to movie spot and the place to shoot pool, even if Rick didn't approve of our touching the table.

After graduation, our lives tend to take us in different directions. Tyler began his time on the rigs soon after we graduated and coordinating our times at home became more difficult. He was proud of his work and genuinely interested in everything about his job. The rigs are far from my area of expertise, but Tyler, on a few occasions, explained to me what went on during the average rough neck's shift.  Not only was he proud of his work, he was proud of the independence that he could build with his earnings. His truck, his RZR, and even his own house were just a few things that started him on his path to becoming a real adult.

With these added responsibilities it was tough to gather up our old crew, but when we had the opportunity to be together it was as if no time had passed. Our last night together was with the same group that would meet at the statue, plus many others. The night could honestly not have been more perfect. Tyler was being the fun, rowdy, spontaneous person that he always has been.

Tyler's character was original. He didn't feel the need to act like everyone else, dress like everyone else, or change to a way that would please everyone. He was one of a kind and I hope everyone learned from him that being your own person is one of he most important things you can do. He was a loyal person who loved his friends and family members. Whether it be trimming his grandparents' trees in town, making sure he got out to Shellmouth to visit his grandparents there, or spending time with his cousins in Langenburg and Russell, Tyler was devoted to those close to him.

I hope I have shown how full Tyler's life was throughout his twenty years. Tyler had a rough night a few years back and I remember telling him how important he was to our group of friends and me. This hasn't changed and I hope he never forgot that. The friends we grew up with are the ones who have shaped us into the people we are today. Each and every friend of mine fits together like pieces from a puzzle. In the movie Stand By Me there's a quote that says "I have never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve." It's hard to realize how true this quote is until a piece of your childhood is missing. Tyler is a piece of my life, and hope he's found peace now.



Tyler Scott Shwaluk................Today I attended the funeral for this boy in Russell. God called him home after only 20 years of life. I did not personally know him but his father Daryl Johnson and grandfather Peter Johnson have been a big part of all of us who have lived in Shellmouth and I went to show my respects for them. I did not expect to be touched by this young life as I was.The minute I walked into this funeral I could feel it. It hit me very strong. Such love and gut wrenching grief for this young man. Here was a fellow that in his short lifetime had touched and changed many lives.It was easily one of the largest funerals I have attended. A good half the crowd being under 25 years of age.You could have heard a pin drop when they showed movies of Tylers life accompanied by such moving music like I want to grow up to be like my daddy, etc. His friend gave his eulogy that anyone would be proud of. Apparently Tyler was an individual. Never wanted to follow the crowd. He wanted to stand out in a crowd as special. He lived each day to the fullest and enjoyed being different. It is as though God made him unique because he knew Tyler was special and would influence alot of lives in his short term on earth. People loved him for being the life of the party. When he died Tyler's organs went to give many others a chance to enjoy life as he did. Wow. I started thinking if this young man has so many people who loved him so much, what will I do to influence others? I who have lived many more years. Lets take a memo from Tyler. Live each day as though it is your last. And try to make others lives around you better. God only gives us one life. Let's make it count.




Not a day goes by that I do not think about my son. But as the months go by the minutes between become longer. My son was a vibrant young man with a passion for life. He had just started to find his way in life on his own. He had a job that he loved and had moved to a house in the valley. He enjoyed fishing and quadding in the hills. Our family grieves for him immensely and we have grown together more because of this. We have had a few celebrations of his life down in the valley where he so loved to be.


TYLER'S PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE (Written by Tyler, when in Grade 9)

My philosophy of life is that you should live life to the fullest. There is no point of living life angry and sad. That way you have no fun. You have to think of all the good times and not the bad. Although that can be tough at times you will always make it through. Live life like there is no tomorrow, chill with your friends, take risks, and try something new every day. Be who you are. Don't try to be something you're not. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Life is a very valuable thing; you should be good to yourself. Eat healthy, stay active, have fun and be happy. Do things you like doing that make you happy. You know you can't live forever so you need to achieve many things in life. Such as getting a good job that you enjoy doing, start a family and make all your dreams come true. I want to do as many good things that make a life and always be happy and love the life I am living.

Funeral Home: Braendle Bruce
Town/Prov: Russell Manitoba
Date of passing: August 20, 2014





#4 Aunty 2015-08-18 16:27
Tyler Scott, a year has passed already since we had to say good-bye to you. I think back to the night of your accident, and only a few hours before you were at my house having supper with us. Telling us of all the plans you had on your days off and for your future. So full of life and optimism. One thing we do in our family is we always say hello with a hug and always say good-bye with a hug, kiss and "I Love You". I am so thankful for our last visit , I got to hug you, kiss you and tell you I love you. I will cherish this memory forever and always. You will be in our hearts and memories forever Buddy, Love Aunty XOXOXO
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#3 Nick Hyatt 2015-08-18 07:52
Tyler you were and still are my role model and although I never got the chance to tell you. I will always think of you as my brother. You taught me so many things and helped shaped my life so much. I will always remember everything you did for me and how amazing you were. Thank you for the amazing memories and for being the most amazing brother a person could ask for. Rest In Peace Tyler...I miss you
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#2 B.h.w.d 2015-08-18 03:41
tyler, where to begin. A year since your accident and I remember it like yesterday. My house on the street that would take your life. My hands on your chest begging you to breathe. It worked but was not good enough. Taken too soon, wish it wasn't so. I wanna go into your camper and play vice city like we did so many times before. I still remember the cheat codes forever in my mind like that crazy laugh of yours. Rest easy
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#1 Great Auntie Lori 2015-08-18 03:02
My Godson Tyler. I miss you very much. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to with you as being in Russell at the same time didn't happen as often as I would have liked. BUT when we were in Russell at the same time I enjoyed the warm beautiful hugs you gave me It was always nice to hear you tell me what was happening in your life and what was new. Tyler you made a great impact on many people and I know we will see each other again in this journey of life. I'm sure you are with Grandma, Kevin and all the rest of our loved ones who are in heaven. May your soul rest in peace. Love you MORE. Xo. Great Auntie Lori. Til we meet again.
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